Sumii made my first-time home buying experience very easy. He constantly went out of his way to make sure I was happy. His priority was always to do what was in my best interest. Even more exception is that this high-level of service persisted even well after I moved into my house. It is clear to me that Sumii is not just looking to make a sale; he is looking to build a relationship. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sumii to anyone looking for a home.”

Like most first time home buyers, I was also apprehensive about the whole buying process. Having had one uncomfortable buying experience, I had already been down that road before. Let me tell you that you are different. For starters, you were not applying any pressure. This helped me make an informed decision without feeling forced to do so. Also, very few people would spend the time going over the disclosures and other documents like you did. And when we finally started to move with the documentation, you were on top of it, making it happen on time, and providing me with choices and reminding of deadlines along the way. All this has been a very good and positive experience, and I can safely conclude that while there may be too many houses to select from, the most important ingredient in getting the right house is a friend who knows this business, and in you I found one, more than a real estate agent. There aren’t too many people like you. ”
– Rajesh V, Fremont

Sumii ,it was a pleasure working with you and hopefully our paths will cross in the future.”
– Mo Qayoumi, Ph.D., P.E.
Vice President for Administration and Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
California State University, Northridge

Sumii simplified the buying process for first time buyers like us. He made it so easy; it was a piece of cake. We definitely recommend Sumii for anybody contemplating purchasing a house.”
– Prakash Namburu
PG & E, San Francisco
Sumii projects a big brotherly aura which is easy to warm to and trust in. From a woman’s point of view, I can say that he listened carefully to all the details, big and small, that I wanted in my dream home – close to schools, but not too costly! Sumii then worked patiently with our whole family until that dream turned into our everyday reality!!
– Radiana Prakash, Home Maker
I must say that my wife and I must have been among the most painful clients Sumii has ever worked with. We were so fastidious, didn’t seem to like any of the houses we saw, and we must have driven Sumii to utter exasperation. Yet, he never let it show, and went on and on complying with our requests for several months, and always with his impeccable smile. And, finally, he did find us a house that we loved and could afford. This was our first experience of buying a house, and, given the paperwork and the legalities involved I was petrified of going through the experience. However, Sumii stepped in to take care of all the details, and saved us all the hassles. I strongly recommend his services to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property, and, most particularly, to first time buyers.
– Ravi and Sharmini Bhatnagar
Union City
Hi Sumii!

I wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten!

I thank you generously for the gift you gave for the housewarming. I’m not yet sure where it will go but it will find a place somewhere I’m sure.

Now that all is said and done, and that I’ve moved in and even had the housewarming, I’d like to express my appreciation for your services and friendship. I appreciated you looking after me and responding when I got scared or stressed during this whole process. And there were many times this happened as you well know. Also, it was nice to have someone in your position who had a grip on the market and the area. YOU seemed to know Garin crest very well and obviously came prepared with all the relevant information. I’m sure you helped get me a good deal as well! Anyways, the whole process was just a little easier with you and Nadra by my side. I am glad to have gotten to know you two. Please pass this along to Nadra because she was a great part in this as well. And her friendship is greatly appreciated as well.

Anyways, I hope this finds you well. I hope that you don’t disappear from my life either. Please stop by anytime for drinks or food when you’re parched up there in that lonely lot!

Happy new year Sumii and Nadra!
– Garrick., Kaiser Permanante

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